This comprehensive leadership development programme is targeted at University staff participating in volunteering with the emphasis on a  3-week visit to Zambia experience as part of the leadership development activity. The purpose of this programme is to place that experience within a more structured development framework which will equip participants with a range of theories, concepts and practical learning about relevant aspects of leadership. These will help to prepare the participants for leading a 'student experience' expedition, and help them to more effectively process and assimilate the action learning that takes place during this phase of the programme.

It therefore consists of 3 stages.

Stage 1 is a structured learning programme, including a range of activities to develop self-awareness of psychological preferences and leadership skills, theory and practice of management, leadership, teams and motivation. This stage also includes training in aspects of self-management and developing mental toughness, plus essential safety-related components.

Stage 2 is the 3 week volunteering expedition to Zambia, during which time the participant will be performing a real-life task as the leader of a team of students, who are undertaking a range of activities with the local community.

Stage 3 takes place after the Zambia expedition and focuses on reflection about learning, analysis of personal and leadership development and consolidation of personal change. This takes place through mentoring, reflective log and final project.

Mentoring by a Volunteer Zambia alumnus and the maintenance of a personal reflective log will be common threads that run through the entire programme and which will help the participant to become more self-aware, to reflect on their own leadership style and behaviours, to analyse their own performance and to assess their own development as a leader.