This module critically engages with evolving landscapes of armed conflict. It provides students with the theoretical and conceptual foundation to understand change and continuity in contemporary conflict and intervention. We will use recent and ongoing cases to examine the theoretical and policy implications of multiple and often contradictory tendencies surrounding armed conflicts. These new developments will be historicised within a longer trajectory. The module’s analytical aim is to explore two interconnected questions pertaining to the core values of the international system: (1) how are the shifts in the global order altering conflicts and interventions; and (2) what are the implications of new trends in conflict and intervention for the state system and collective security.

This module is offered as a senior honours option in international relations and is designed to build on introductory courses in international relations. Some background knowledge on international organisations and regimes, global governance and/or international law is highly desirable, but not requisite. The module includes a simulation of the UN Security Council.