Implementing Effective Care

This module provides a theoretical and evidence-based background to assist students to implement effective dementia care. Students will begin by considering the application of psychological theory to dementia care in different environments, i.e. the home, day care, residential care and hospital care. This will then lead to an analysis of the needs of each individual (those with a diagnosis and carers) in care situations. Students will then examine how one might assess what effective care might look like and how one might approach its measurement. This part of the module will foster the beginnings of research skills that will stand the student in good stead for further postgraduate study. The final section of this module will ask students to consider how effective care can be maintained. This will involve the exploration of self-determination theory and models of work motivation. On completing this module, students will be equipped with evidence-based strategies that will allow them to plan, change, measure and maintain effective practice in their workplaces.